The Immersion Brewing Story

Combining Craft Beer and Home Brewing in Bend, Oregon

As Bend’s craft beer scene continues to grow, one brewery stands out with its unique combination of craft beer and home brewing. Immersion Brewing opened its doors in 2015 with a mission to offer customers an immersive and interactive brewing experience, while also crafting high-quality beers with unique flavors and aromas.

Co-owners Sean Lampe, Amanda Plattner, and Rachael Plattner-Weisgerber all share a passion for brewing, which led them to create a brewery unlike any other in Bend. Their 7,300 square foot warehouse location in the Old Mill Marketplace on SW Industrial Way offered the perfect space for their vision, and they enlisted Bend-based SunWest Builders to complete the transformation.

Since then, Immersion Brewing has become a popular destination for beer enthusiasts and home brewers alike. The brewery features a 10-barrel brewing system that produces traditional craft beers and rotating seasonal brews. The restaurant offers seasonal plates that perfectly complement the flavors of their beers.

But the most unique aspect of Immersion Brewing is their “brew-it-yourself” experience. For $150 to $200, customers can brew from one of Immersion’s 30 house recipes using their equipment, while being guided by an experienced brewer. The process takes about two hours, and includes the use of a kettle, 48 bottles of beer, instruction, and clean-up. The home brewer then comes back two weeks later to spend 45 minutes bottling their beer.

The brew-it-yourself model was inspired by Hopsters in Boston, Massachusetts, and has become a popular way for beer enthusiasts to learn more about the brewing process and create their own custom brews.

To fund their dream, the trio started a Kickstarter campaign to raise the final $20,000 needed. The money raised on the crowd source website helped them purchase a copper-clad serving vessel and helped with marketing.

With their innovative approach to brewing and commitment to creating a fun and immersive experience for their customers, Immersion Brewing has become a beloved fixture in the Bend community. And as Bend’s beer scene continues to grow, Immersion Brewing is poised for even greater success.

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