The Immersion Brewing Story

As an Epic Poem

In Bend’s realm, where craft beer abounds, A brewery shines, its fame resounds. Immersion Brewing, a wondrous fusion, Craft beer and food in perfect communion.

In 2015, their doors opened wide, With a mission bold, they vowed with pride, To craft beers of highest pedigree, And serve delectable fare, oh so tasty.

Born from a family, brewing at heart, A passion shared, a journey to embark. No mundane pub food would they impart, But a culinary symphony, a work of art.

Nestled within Box Factory’s embrace, A warehouse vast, their sacred space. Nine thousand square feet, where dreams are brewed, In Bend, Oregon, their spirit pursued.

Beer enthusiasts flock to this hallowed ground, Hungry diners too, in awe they’re found. A ten-barrel system, brewing profound, Traditional and seasonal, flavors unbound.

Their plates, a dance with the changing seasons, Pairing harmoniously with beer’s reasons. The taste, a sensory bliss, divine fusion, A symphony of flavors, a perfect conclusion.

With innovation as their guiding light, Immersion Brewing, a beloved sight, An emblem of Bend’s thriving beer scene, Their success, a destiny yet unseen.

As Bend’s beer realm expands its domain, Immersion Brewing, its name shall sustain. A legacy written in sips and bites, Their story poised for soaring heights.