Who We Are

IMMERSION BREWING is a Brewery plus a Brew-It-Yourself Pub in Bend, Oregon. We are a family-owned business, born out of the desire to create quality craft beer as well as embrace the process that brings it to life. We believe anyone can become a brewer if given the right tools, a bit of knowledge, and the best quality ingredients.

Local breweries have established Central Oregon as a “Beervana” in the Pacific Northwest’s impressive craft beer scene. Owners Sean, Rachael, and Amanda are excited to bring this beer-crazed town yet another fantastic brewery, along with a unique Brew-it-Yourself experience. Being a homebrewer for many years, Sean is excited to share his passion and knowledge of brewing with others. He can help anyone make great beer!

Sean Lampe,  Amanda Plattner  &  Rachael Plattner – Owners

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