Experience Bend's Newest Brewery

Our 10-barrel American-made JVNW brewing system will offer a constant variety of exceptional, hand-crafted beers. Try our classic favorites, seasonal and limited releases, and brewery-exclusive beers! We offer free tours, just ask!

We chose JVNW because of their ability to recognize our specific needs as a small brewpub. This energy-efficient brewing system is steam powered which allows us to use less energy during the brewing process. 

The brewery is large enough to supply beer for our pub as well as some outside sales in the future. We will also have just enough room to put into place a barrel aging program with wine barrels from local wineries in Oregon. The beer we make here at IMMERSION will reflect the time-honored traditions of brewers who have brewed before us, and we will continue to push the limits of tradition in order to find our own place in this wonderful time in brewing history.