B-I-Y (Brew-it-Yourself)

Brew Crafted by You

Book a session to get started!

We offer over 30 recipes to choose from and the knowledge of an experienced brewer to guide you through the 2-hour brew experience. Use our online reservation system to the right to book your brew session now!

To schedule a large group or corporate event, call 541.633.7821 to discuss availability and pricing.


Brew sessions range in price from $180 - $220 depending on beer recipe. Limit 4 people per kettle. Only one name needed for the reservation. Price includes all ingredients, bottles, caps, custom labels and your very own craft beer!

In order to provide you with a fantastic experience, as with any restaurant server, your brewer works for tips. If you feel you had a great experience, please tip accordingly. Please note: automatic 18% gratuity will be added to checks for guests paying with a gift card and for parties of 6 or more.

Schedule your Bottling Session!

Bottle your beer approximately 3 weeks after your brewing session. At your bottling session, your beer will be chilled, carbonated, and ready to label and bottle. You will leave with 2 cases of 22oz. bottles of beer!

Customize your labels! Send your label info to brew@imbrewing.com.

B-I-Y Questions?

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