We truly appreciate craft beer…and the process by which it is created. In addition to our 10 barrel system, we also have Brew-it-Yourself kettles to encourage our beer family to experience the process for themselves.


Our Brew-It-Yourself experience is great for corporate groups, weddings, family reunions, personalized gifts or just a fun night out!



Our experienced brewers will walk you through the 2-3 hour brewing experience. We offer 28 recipes to choose from, or you can discuss ideas with your brewer ahead of time.

“We had a great time brewing our PNW IPA, it was such a fun learning experience for our group. We can’t wait to come back to bottle and label our beer!”

– Robert & Cindy


BIY sessions range in price from $180-$220 per kettle depending on which recipe(s) you choose.

  • Each kettle can comfortably accommodate 4-5 people.
  • Each kettle produces 24 bottles of 22oz beer.
  • All ingredients, bottles, caps and custom labels are included in kettle price.

We aim to provide you a fantastic experience. Please let your brewer know that
they hit the mark by tipping accordingly. Like a server, they work for tips!

*Automatic 18% gratuity will be added to checks for guests paying with a gift card
and for parties of 6 or more.


The beer you brew can be bottled and picked up approximately 3 weeks after your brew session. If you need immediate gratification, please take advantage of our Brew-it-Forward program.


Brew-it-Forward to take home a beer same day. For this program, you are able to brew your beer of choice, but instead of waiting three weeks for pick up, you can label and take home the beer that was brewed by a group before you.
This allows groups in Bend for a quick trip to enjoy the full brewing experience and bring home beer the same day that they brew.

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